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DURING YOUR lifetime, there will be times when you may find yourself in need of protecting your welfare or wealth – or you may simply wish to explore your options.

We offer a comprehensive range of advice and services to deal with the many issues involved, including:

  • Powers Of Attorney (in relation to personal or business assets, and personal welfare) – by which you can appoint someone to act on your behalf (this can be for reasons of simple forward planning or circumstances such as illness)
  • Court Of Protection – in the absence of a Power Of Attorney, this also deals with the need to administer a mentally infirm person’s affairs, via the Court, albeit at greater cost
  • Trust – either lifetime or post-death, this is a legal instrument (which can be used in a variety of circumstances) by which it is possible to pass the benefits of assets to a third party
  • NHS and care fee advice – we offer forward planning to protect your assets from the future impact of possible care costs, and advice and representation to ensure correct application of the law where there

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